Get Connected

We were never meant to live this life alone. Here at Forefront, one way we make sure we're in this together is through Small Groups. Our groups are 5-15 people who meet once a week in homes all over Hampton Roads. Groups are a relaxing and non-threatening place where you will feel welcomed.

Some Small Groups offer child care. There is a weekly study that goes along with the messages from Sunday. You also get to foster new relationships and do life together on a weekly basis.

Current Series: Don't Drink The Poison

Everyone feels offended at one point or another. The problem with living offended is that it doesn't hurt someone else, it hurts you. There are ways to not hold onto the offense. Get ready to learn more in this 4 - week message series, Don't Drink The Poison.

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Have any questions about Small Groups or the Weekly Studies? You can email Dan Pollard and he'll help with any questions you may have.

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