Greater Things in 2020-2021

Consistently throughout the Bible, the writers describe Jesus as… GREATER. He’s the greater David, Jacob, Moses, and Jonah. Jesus Himself is the greatest love and those who follow Him will witness greater works of God. One of Jesus‘ first followers even shared that Jesus must become greater in our lives and we must become less. It’s encouraging that the longer you follow Jesus, the greater things you will see.

In 2020 we are embarking on a generosity initiative because we believe Jesus has greater things in store for Forefront. From moms and dads to the countless kids across our area, there are over 131,000 people in our community who need something, or should I say someone, greater. Our city needs Jesus and God is calling us to greater things.

Striving To Make A Greater Difference,

Jason Bedell

Lead Pastor, Forefront Church

Join Us On This Journey


We’re praying that you could give the largest one-time financial contribution to Forefront they have ever made to support this generosity initiative.


Make a commitment to give a monthly gift, above and beyond their regular giving, for the  next 24 months.


Everyone is encouraged to give creatively toward the project. This can include a boat, motorcycle, land, stocks, corporate/business donation, etc.

Hear What God Is Doing

God continues to do greater things in people's lives here at Forefront. Take a moment to hear what God has be miraculously doing to help people find healing, hope, and purpose. Jesus must become greater, and we must become less.